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I talk the talk, but I also walk the talk.

What I mean is that I do my best to not only help people learn ways to stop allowing themselves to be limited by beliefs that are hindering them but I also follow the same things that I teach. The reason is because they work. . . just saying.

Anyway, I believe in self-care. I have for years but COVID has made practicing self-care so much more en vogue and I am embracing it. In July 2021, I decided that I would reward myself with a monthly massage. My masseuse is amazing. I have been blessed to find a woman with blessed healing hands.

One day after a massage I asked her if she did Reiki and she revealed that she is a Reiki Master. I am thinking ok I have struck gold. I also asked her if she did chakra cleansing. She said that she did and I thought that I would faint. I am so serious. I have wanted to do this for years but was not bold enough to bring it up. So, I asked her to create a package with all three for our next session.

My intent with the chakra cleansing was because I wanted to make sure that my throat chakra was clear because a large portion of what I do is with the use of my voice. But, this was an amazing experience. I can only share my truth and this is it.

I could feel stones being placed on my body that correspond to what would be my chakra points. Kool. I figured as much. But at some point I started to feel something. It wasn’t pain that I felt. It was a sensation from my belly button. I made a mental note to ask about that at the end of the session. I also remember clearing my throat several times at some point.

We processed at the end of the session. I learned some things about my sacral chakra and my throat chakra. The entire session was unbelievable . . . but I was there, so I believe it. I highly recommend massage, Reiki and chakra cleansing. I will definitely do this again.

Email me via if you are interested in knowing more about my masseuse. I’m not sharing her contact information here because this is not an advertisement and this blog is not clickbait. I am sharing information for you to consume, learn and Evolve.

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