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Touch Me

I talk the talk, but I also walk the talk.

What I mean is that I do my best to not only help people learn ways to stop allowing themselves to be limited by beliefs that are hindering them but I also follow the same things that I teach. The reason is because they work. . . just saying.

Anyway, I believe in self-care. I have for years but COVID has made practicing self-care so much more en vogue and I am embracing it. In July 2021, I decided that I would reward myself with a monthly massage. My masseuse is amazing. I have been blessed to find a woman with blessed healing hands.

One day after a massage I asked her if she did Reiki and she revealed that she is a Reiki Master. I am thinking ok I have struck gold. I also asked her if she did chakra cleansing. She said that she did and I thought that I would faint. I am so serious. I have wanted to do this for years but was not bold enough to bring it up. So, I asked her to create a package with all three for our next session.

My intent with the chakra cleansing was because I wanted to make sure that my throat chakra was clear because a large portion of what I do is with the use of my voice. But, this was an amazing experience. I can only share my truth and this is it.