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Who is CoachDiva?

Your Partner in the Evolution

I am Delzora M. Clark and I am the creator of DeterminedEvolution.  My personal motto is “Pressure makes Diamonds; Irritation makes Pearls”.  The concept of owning and operating a coaching business came to me in mid 2021 out of a desire to help others struggling during the pandemic. Simply put COVID inspired DeterminedEvolution.  During the initial shut down, I started to think of how I could help others and help myself at the same time.  I could envision how people would be affected and how there would be a need to help people deal with the overall effects of the pandemic.  The rest is witnessed inside the Evolution.


I am a member of the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) which means that I am a counselor who participated in a strong, formal process that requires ample amounts of study and experience. I am an experienced counselor with a demonstrated history of working within the health wellness field; skilled in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rogerian person-centered care, Crisis intervention, Trauma-Informed Care, and Life Coaching. It is my belief that my counseling background will aid in the smooth successful operation of DeterminedEvolution.  I have helped people for over two decades as a counselor and now I use that expertise in order to help people who struggle with stress, limiting beliefs and emotional wellness by helping them gain the necessary knowledge to change their behaviors so they can better manage their stress, by making a “green print” (I like the color green) to become emotionally healthy and release those negative limiting beliefs.

My promise to you is to provide you with support and accessibility.  I will require your accountability so there's no half-steppin' <smiles> - commit to yourself and evolve! 

Contact me to learn more via or 252-515-0896 to schedule a focus call. 

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